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Spice Towers

From the many places throughout the Mediterranean I have gathered these signature spices that define the smell and flavor of each distinctive region. My Spice Collection contains some of the freshest and the highest quality spices that we use at Oleana, Sofra, & Sarma. – ANA SORTUN

Available at Sofra Bakery, 1 Belmont Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. To order by phone, please call Sofra Bakery at 617-661-3161.

Oleana Spice Tower


Aleppo Chiles: Fresh ground red chiles from Aleppo, Syria. Sprinkle on salads or use in soups.
Sumac: Bright and lemony, use instead of lemon. Sprinkle on cucumber salads and roasted chicken.
Urfa Chiles: Dark, chocolatey and smoky flavored chiles from Turkey. Use on grilled eggplant, mushrooms and beans.
Dried Mint: Warm, sweet flavor. Use on grilled lamb, chicken, soup and in rice dishes with tomato.
Rigani: Wild oregano from the mountains of Greece. Use on mushrooms, cheese and in tomato sauces. Great with rich meats like duck.

Oleana Spice Blends

Dukkah: Egyptian spice mix with nuts. Great on tomatoes or dredge bread in olive oil and dip in spice mix. Baharat: Turkish spice mix. Great on mushrooms, beef or lamb.
Za'atar: Summer savory from Jordan mixed with sesame seeds. Sprinkle generously on chicken, radishes, cucumber, feta or tomato.
Persian Spice Mix/Kofte Spice: Fragrant from roses. Use on chicken, lamb or rice pilaf.
Ras El Hannout: North African spice blend. Use on chicken, meat and in a bean or vegetable stew.