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BARBERRY—red berry that is tart like a cranberry, BASTURMA—air dried beef with Armenian spices, CHRAIMEH—fish stewed with Sephardic spices FATOUSH—bread salad with spices, FATTEH—crisp pita casserole, GYRO—Greek dish of roasted meat, HAWAIJ SPICE—Yemenite spice blend like curry, IMAM BAYILDI—Imam fainted (because it was so good), KISIR—bulgur wheat salad, KOKOREÇ—spiced Turkish street food traditionally with meat, LAMEJUN—flatbread similar to pizza, MEZE—small plates that are perfect to share, MUHAMMARA—nut and pepper dip, NAYEH—tartar (raw), TARATOR—almond sauce, TOUM—garlic sauce, TURLU TURLU— Turkish vegetable dish similar to Ratatouille, ZA’ATAR—wild herb similar to thyme blended with sesame seeds and sumac

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