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BARBERRY—red berry that is tart like a cranberry, BASTURMA—air dried beef with Armenian spices, BISTEEYA AU LAIT—Moroccan cream pie, CHRAIMEH—fish stewed with Sephardic spices, DUKKAH—mix of nuts, seeds and spices, FATTEH—crisp pita casserole, FATOUSH—bread salad, GYRO—Greek dish of roasted meat, HAWAIJ—Yemenite spice blend similar to curry, KATAIF— shredded phyllo dough, KOFTE—fritter or dumpling made with bulgur wheat, KUNEFE—sweet cheese and kataif, KURABIYE—Turkish-style macaroon, MEZE—small plates that are perfect to share, MOSAIC CAKE—Turkish-style confection with dried fruit and halva, NAYEH—tartare (raw), PIDE—slipper-shaped flatbread, RAS EL HANOUT—North African spice blend, SUJUK—lamb sausage, TAHDIG—rice crust, TARATOR—almond sauce, TOPIK—stuffed hummus, UMM ALI—Egyptian-style phyllo pudding, ZA’ATAR—wild herb blended with sesame and sumac

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