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Cold Meze

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Hot Meze

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Larger Plates

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AMBA—pickled condiment, BARBERRY—red berry that is tart like a cranberry, BASTURMA—air dried beef with Armenian spices,
BOHSALINO—Lebanese pistachio paste confection, FATTEH—crisp pita casserole, GIGANTE—giant white bean, GYRO—Greek dish of roasted meat, HALVA—Middle Eastern sesame confection, HARISSA—red chile sauce with North African spice, LAMEJUN—flatbread with ground meat topping, MARKOUK—Lebanese flatbread, SAGANAKI—fried cheese, SHABAZI SPICE—green herbs and green chilies, SOUVLAKI—skewer of grilled or roasted meat, SPOON SALAD—finely chopped vegetables that fit in a spoon, SPOON SWEETS—fruit preserves, TARATOR—almond sauce, TOPIK—stuffed hummus, ZHOUG—spicy herb sauce

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